Ruless & Regulations

Students have to put up minimum 75% attendance; some special concession as per rule is available only on health grounds supported by documents.

  • No student is permitted to appear at the University examination unless he/she has to his/ her credit minimum
    attendance required.
  • Students are required to work as per scheme provided in laboratories, libraries, and other worksheets. A record is required to be maintained and submitted to the principal duly approved by Lecturer-in-charge after the completion of each session.
  • Students are always supposed to carry the Identity Card on their person in the campus.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the college campus without prior permission. Parents are requested to cooperate in this regard.
  • Admission of students from any session may be cancelled if it is found that:
  1. Papers of qualifying examination submitted by him/her are tempered.
  2. He/she does not maintain discipline.
  3. He/She is involved in any activity, injurious to self and/or to the college/society.

Students will be permitted on campus with specified dress only.