Our Non teaching Faulty

Teachers are the architects of knowledge, the cultivators of curiosity, and the guardians of growth. Their role extends far beyond the confines of a classroom; they are the unsung heroes shaping the future, one mind at a time.

Chandra Shekhar Chakroborty.

Designation : Office Supdt. Category : Permanent. Residential Address : West Dukli, Madhuban. Tripura (West) Contact : +91-9436468794. E-Mail ID : cschakraborty2012@gmail.com

Kanai Dhanuk

Designation : Group ‘D’. Category : Permanent. Residential Address : 79 Tilla, Rubber Board. Chanmari, Agartala. West Tripura-799006. Phone & Mobile Nos. : 09383128056 Email: btcst15@gmail.com

Sajal Kanti Singha

Designation : Group ‘D’. Category : Contingent. Residential Address : Old Agartala, Khayerpur Agartala. West Tripura-799005. Email: btcst15@gmail.com

Kanai Dhanuk.

Designation : Group ‘D’ Category : Regular. Residential Address : 79 Tilla, Near GB Cancer Hospital, Agartala, West Tripura - 799006 Contact : +91-7005540885. E-Mail ID : btcst15@gmail.com

Manik Kumar Dey.

Designation : Night Guard. Category : ADHOC. Residential Address : Anandanagar, Near College, West Tripura - 799028 Contact : +91-9612449348. E-Mail ID : btcst15@gmail.com